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It’s important to have a creatively thought out commercial or a professional image video to help increase the awareness of your company. We will help you create what is important for your company image through advertising videos.

Bodyworkers tattoo and piercingshop :: Imagevideo

A different tattoo and piercing shop video. The best place to find pain, kindness and fun in one place

Delmonego Maler

A funny and creative team shows different work steps with a happy ending

Energie Spa :: Imagevideo

Three months of hard work finally paying off. Check out Energia Spa’s power plants all over Italy. It was amazing to see places not a lot of people get to see, mostly because they are in the middle of nowhere :) One of the coolest projects yet, I even got to climb up a windmill!

furniture store Avanti :: Imagefilm

Creative video to present a furniture store, wait until the end

Girls and advertising :: Movie

Winner Price Tender 1 place - Camera: Ivan Poletti
- Directed: Lorenz Klapfer
- Assistant director:Teresa Prugger
- Light: Andreas Tauber
- Assistant camera and editor: Manuel Schneider
- Composer: Robert Nogler

Harpf für mehr Tinkgenuss :: Imagevideo

Enjoy a beer with friends

Harpf für mehr Tinkgenuss :: Imagevideo

A wonderful Gin Evening with friends

In this special year our Christmas wish is

Un bel video di Natale da Loaker

Pharmacies / Perfumery, Rose :: Imagevideo

A brief insight into how the clientele to be pampered

Pupp small Luxury :: Imagevideo

A small insight into the wonderful hotel complex in Brixen/Southtirol

Stampflküchen :: Imagevideo

An advertisement about Stapfelküchen in Brixen (South Tyrol) - camera Ivan Poletti - Directed and edited by Lorenz Klapfer

Trocker-Brand since 1946 :: Imagevideo

A creative video with funny stripped

Val Daone Climbing paradise :: Imagevideo

Nice shots where a family has fun in the climbing paradise


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